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What can I recycle?
It’s simple! At Ever Green, we accept any beverage container that you pay a deposit on at the time of purchase. Click here for a list of what's accepted
How to prepare your recycling
Properly preparing your recyclables not only ensures the health and safety of those handling the recyclables, but that the process is efficient and free of delays.
  • Ensure bags are free of garbage
  • Ensure bottles are not broken
  • Remove caps
  • Remove straws
  • Empty all liquid
  • For the health and safety of our employees, please ensure each bag or box does not exceed 15 lbs
Earning money through recycling is simple
Earning money through recycling is simple – receive a refund on any beverage container consumers pay a deposit on:
  • Non-alcoholic containers: 5 cent refund
  • Alcoholic containers: 10 cent refund
  • Local and imported beer bottles: 5 cent refund
It may not seem like a lot, but it doesn't take long to add up! Many Ever Green Recycling customers are benefiting financially by recycling beverage containers on a regular basis.
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Donating to Ever Green Recycling
If you wish to make a charitable donation to Ever Green, we will issue you a tax receipt (minimum $10) at the end of the year.

To donation your recycling funds, please click Donate.
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