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Reused Bottles
When glass bottles are returned to recycling depots, they are separated, crushed, and shipped out of the province, accumulating large transportation costs and green house emissions.

But Ever Green has another solution that enables recyclers to re-use glass wine bottles. Ever Green Recycling makes reusing de-labeled, glass bottles easier and more environmentally friendly by offering a variety of bottles for sale at each Ever Green Recycling location.

Ever Green’s wine bottle processing unit removes all labels and markings from recycled wine bottles, and subjects them to a thorough laboratory-tested and verified sanitizing process, and we make them available to our customers for re-use. AND, by taking advantage of these re-use bottles, customers are helping Ever Green to advance environmental savings!
Pricing (per dozen)
• Wine Bottles ........... $11
• Specialty Bottles ..... $8
• Corona type ........... $5

*HST included in above prices. Bottles subject to availability.
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