Ever Green Recycling
For businesses today, it’s not so easy being ‘green”.
But we have great news: “it’s easy being Ever Green!”.
Contact Ever Green Recycling today and we'll meet with you to establish a recycling program that works for your business! We’ll help you understand your recycling opportunities, organize a recycling program, provide you with a report on your recycling performance – we’ll even show you how your recyclables can generate revenues supporting employee activities!
Get employees involved with the Ever Green Recycling Account
The Ever Green Recycling Account is a great way to get your employees involved. Ever Green will work with your employees to establish their ownership of an easy-to-follow, easy-to-manage recycling program.
Picking up recyclables has never been easier
With 4 depot locations in St. John’s and Torbay, we provide convenient access for your business to drop off your recyclables. Use our tag-and-bag service, and we’ll have you in and out in 15 seconds or less.
Or, even better, let us pick up after you and your employees. We can provide a regular pick-up program tailored to your needs.
We can help you establish effective waste management and recycling programs within the workplace including recycling beverage containers, white office paper, cardboard and newsprint. We can even help with your old electronics! Click here for more information.

Start Recycling
A representative from Ever Green Recycling will happily visit your workplace to make sure you are on the right tract to start recycling. Contact Gerard at 690-9925.
All of the information and material you need will be provided to you to ensure the success of your recycling program.
Benefits to Corporate Culture
Ever Green is more than just a recycling business. Ever Green Recycling is also a registered charity, non-profit organization that helps people recovering from serious mental illness find and maintain meaningful employment. Di you know that 80% of our employees are recovering from serious mental illness? So, if you wish to donate your recyclables to Ever Green, we can provide you with a tax receipt.
And we work with a variety of community groups and charities to help these worthy causes.
Doing good feels good! Boost your company morale by setting a goal to raise money for a charity through the Ever Green Recycling program. At the end of the year, you can tally up your donation and share in the accomplishment of a job well done. By donating to a charity of your choice, you are supporting important causes in the community.
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