Ever Green Recycling
Did you know that every year, Ever Green Recycling helps schools in this Province to raise $250,000!
These funds are vitally important to our schools, helping to purchase essential supplies and equipment, and to fund educational-enhancing programs and projects for students.

The good news is. It’s easy to start!

Did you know that Ever Green Recycling can service your school recycling program year-round?

Contact Ever Green Recycling to set up a site visit of your school to determine your pick up needs (weekly or biweekly).

Set up an Ever Green Recycling Account and you've got your next great fundraising activity! Ever Green is dedicated to making your recycling blitz a success. Click here to schedule a recycling blitz.

The Ever Green Recycling Account is an effective fundraising tool, especially for schools looking to invest money back into their students and their schools. And best of all, it’s easy! Anybody can contribute! Allow multiple users to contribute to your account using a single account and phone number - get parents and school supporters involved.

Log into your secure online account and watch your money pile up! Remember, last year, $250,000 was raised for local schools! Let us help your school to join in the benefits.
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Sign in to your Ever Green Recycling Account