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Green Management Services
Ever Green Environmental has developed a suite of "Green Management Services". We help business, institutional, commercial and government operators to set up effective waste management and recycling programs.
Our Expertise
Drawing on our extensive experience and evidence-based Waste Audits and Recycling Audits, Ever Green can design and implement the most efficient environmental and recycling measures for your operation. These audits identify waste reduction opportunities, and set parameters for your business's own "R4" Program - Reduce, Recover, Recycle, Reuse. We’ll help you identify best-in-class performance standards and practices.
R4 Program
Our Green Management Services can manage all elements of the process to achieve a complete R4 Program - Reduce, Recover, Recycle, Reuse. We’ll help select specialized partners (such as suppliers and collectors,). We’ll ensure that these processes are handled with reduced waste and ensure security shredding and disposal.

Ever Green Recycling would assign an Environmental Co-ordinator to work with you, as follows:
  • Secure Top-level management support: The success of your recycling program hinges upon support of senior management. Their enthusiasm promotes a similar attitude among employees.
  • Oversee the collection of information, the evaluation of data, and the implementation of a recycling program.
  • Devise your collection system: Systems that are convenient for your employees to use are the most successful, taking into account space availability, labor needs, equipment/container requirements and physical layout.
  • Promote your program
  • Evaluate your program: As with any project, it is necessary to monitor its effectiveness and efficiency. Feedback on the program can be obtained from a variety of sources including: (1) custodial staff, for input regarding material quality and handling practices, (2) employees or customers, for opinions concerning convenience and (3) waste hauler or recycler, for data concerning the type and amount of material recycled.
Waste Audits
Waste Audits involve sorting and analysis of garbage collected during a sample period from all business operations. This audit focuses on:
  • What is being thrown out?
  • What percentage of items being thrown out could have been recycled?
  • How much of what is thrown out is true garbage?
This waste audit identifies waste reduction opportunities, and sets parameters for the business's own "R4" Objectives - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover.
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