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The Ever Green Recycling Card


*15 second recycling!

*Easy to use!

*Track online!

Available at any Ever Green Recycling Depot.

How it works
The Ever Green Recycling Card is a FREE card that makes recycling easier and more convenient by allowing users to skip line-ups and track their earnings online.

Ever Green Recycling Cards are available at all Ever Green Recycling locations.

First, register your card
Click “Register Your Recycling Card” at the top right corner of the homepage. Complete the 3-step registration and your card will be activated immediately!

Swipe & Go
Just swipe your card at our self-serve kiosk and enter the number of bags you have using the touch screen. Bar code stickers will automatically print – place one stick on each bag and you're done!

Once your order has been counted, you will receive an email notification. Calculations are verified by our computerized Management Information System. As a Recycling Card member, you will have access to our Ever Green website to view your account through a secure connection.

Your online account
As an Ever Green Recycling Card user, you will have online access to your account balance, transaction history and our environmental calculator that tracks your environmental impact each time you use your Ever Green Recycling Card!

Get Paid!
Watch your money accumulate online and get paid! Once you reach a minimum balance of $50, you will have the option to redeem our money, or, you can continue to build your account balance over time! Cheques can be mailed to you, or picked up at our main office on Blackmarsh Road. Please allow 7-10 business days for your cheque to process.

Donate to Ever Green Recycling
As a registered charity, Ever Green Recycling accepts recycling donations and will provide a tax receipt. Click here to learn more about how to donate.
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